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TACHYON is an extensible hardware and software IoT platform. Entirely built in-house for a wide range of business applications. The platform is capable of interfacing with a vast number of machinery and external devices.

Tachyon is a computing module that is miniature in size, and has all capabilities of a modern desktop computer. Its computing power allows to automate any operational process and significantly cut business costs.

Tachyon can be easily integrated with a new or an existing system and business processes. Tachyon captures, records and transmits a wide variety of telemetry data over a secure, high speed data link to the Cloud.

All of your data is stored on encrypted Australian and/or New Zealand servers and belongs to you.

'A Tachyon (/ˈtækiɒn/) or tachyonic particle is a hypothetical particle that always travels faster than light. The name comes from the Greek: ταχύ, tachy, meaning "rapid". '


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RFID tracking of staff on premises


Tachyon Gate is set up at the entrance of a premise. The system constitutes of two RFID antennas and a computing module connected to the Cloud via 3G/4G mobile network.

Personnel entering premises is supplied with RFID tags (which can be embedded in uniform e.g. safety helmet). The Gate scans the entrance area of the site and wirelessly detects the direction of the tag which allows to determine whether a person or an asset entered or left the premise.

The Gate can be installed with a motion detection surveillance camera which helps to ensure no authorized entry goes unnoticed.

This information is then transmitted to the Cloud. Tag reads are processed on the Cloud and a wide range of analytical information is produced in the form of dashboards and reports. This information is then available via a Tachyon mobile and web App.

The highlight of the app is a live dashboard that displays who is on premises in real time. The app features a multitude of notifications and alarms. This allows ensuring safety and simplifies operations management.


  • Real time tracking of contractors, staff and assets (incl. vehicles and machinery)
  • Photos taken of personnel, vehicles and any moving objects entering site - motion detection
  • Solar powered (optional)
  • Operates indoors/outdoors
  • HR module
  • Live dashboards and concise reports
    • Who is on site
    • Time when the subject entered and exited the site
    • Time management i.e. time spent on site and off site
    • Timesheets and sub-contractors invoices reconciliation
    • Project management and planning
    • Rate of production/construction/ manufacturing
    • Time budgeting
  • Notifications and alarms
    • Fit for work
    • Unauthorized entry
    • Entry outside of business/authorized hours
    • Expired driving licenses, professional registration licenses, police, medical and drug certificates
  • Much more...


GPS tracking of assets


Assets is often a vital area of many Australian businesses. There are different kinds of assets that are a key to successful business opertaion.

Assets are valuable and making sure that their safety, fitness and readiness is very important. Natually, being in control is a top priority for busineses.

From tracking point of view assets may fall into one of the following categories:
  • Powered assets e.g. forklifts, cleaning machines, scissor lifts, generators, golf carts, bricklayer, cranes, escavators etc.

  • Unpowered stationary and mobile assets e.g. containers, barrels, concrete mixers, rental and other equipment
We designed two types of trackers to meet specific needs of each category.


  • Powered tracker
    • speed
    • geo-fencing (optional buzzer and engine shut off when geo-fencing is breached)
    • integration with external equipment
    • temperature sensor (-55C to 85C)
    • working humidity : up to 95%
    • operates indoors and outdoors
    • internal 3-axis G-sensor for motion detection
    • many, many different reports, alarms and notificatoins
    • historical data
    • driver/operator management & driver/operator ID key fob system
    • remote control e.g. engine shut off
    • ...and many more

  • Unpowered tracker
    • super long standby time for more than 1000 days
    • standby time: 1 Report per day- more than 1000 days; 10 min reporting - more than 380 hrs; 5 min reporting - more than 200 hrs
    • sends data every 3 hours
    • built-in antenna
    • water proof (IP6) & dust proof
    • temperature sensor (-55C to 85C)
    • working humidity : up to 95%
    • low batter alarm notification
    • operates indoors and outdoors
    • geo-fencing
    • historical data
    • internal 3-axis G-sensor for motion detection
    • many, many different reports, alarms and notificatoins
    • ...and many more


GPS tracking of fleet


  • Real me tracking. Update frequency every 15 seconds or less.

  • Wealth of telemetry data
    • vehicle speed
    • direction
    • distances
    • engine hours
    • meters
    • fuel level
    • stops
    • temperature

  • Live dashboards and concise reports
      • journey
      • report
      • journey summary
      • tax logbook
      • engine on/off
      • time in geo-zones
      • fuel usage
      • maintenance
      • utilisation
      • many more...

  • Notifications and Alarms
    • breaching geo-fence boundaries
    • battery disconnection
    • ignition on in restricted time
    • moving vehicle without permission
    • lowe power
    • parking
    • idling and more

  • FBT and ATO log books, RUC mileage recording
  • driver management & driver ID key fob system
  • expired driving licenses, medical and drug certificates
  • many others…


  • private and commercial vehicles
  • trucks
  • vans
  • buses
  • ambulance fleet
  • taxis
  • rental vehicles
  • other motorized transport

The Tachyon Mobile Application

Software developed with needs of Australian and New Zealand Businesses.

• Multiple Platforms: IOS, Android, Mac & PC

• Modern looking and user friendly app built with latest tech stack

• Lightning fast user interface

• A selection of highly customizable dashboards

• Set up a desirable level of user access

• Exhaustive reporting with an ability to drilldown data and export to Excel, PDF & CSV etc.

• Reports that sound out, visually appealing which can be used from the boardroom to stakeholders

Custom IoT Solutions

  • An in-house designed and built IoT platform
  • An expandable hardware and software eco-system that can be tailored to virtually any automation needs
  • Can be integrated with existing hardware, machinery and business processes
  • Tailored to specific operational needs